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It’s been estimated that half of the world’s population have watched a James Bond movie. Sadly, it’s not been recorded (or even estimated) how many people have owned a NOW! album. So as one British institution says goodbye to its 50th anniversary, it seems only fitting that another should be welcoming in its 30th anniversary, that of the biggest selling record series ever. It is a time for celebration.

It’s been 30 years since Tracey Ullman’s dulcet tones urged us to purchase a new double (DOUBLE!) album, featuring herself and a host of the biggest chart stars of the day. The phrase “all original artists” may not mean much now, but in 1983 the idea of a compilation album conjured up mental images of ropily edited tracks by less than huge stars, or bikini clad albums of session musician cover versions.

NOW! was different. All hits. All original artists. Double album.

And 30 years later, the format has remained unchanged, as has its success.

This blog is a celebration of NOW! but it’s also a journey for me. I fell out of love with pop a long time ago and I want to love it again, and a journey through 30 years, and 83 NOW! albums seems the best way to do it.


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