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We apologise for this break in our scheduled programme…

To the loyal readers of the Now Music Blog (yes, there are a few you cheeky so and so’s) you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

Unfortunately I’ve had ‘one of those weeks’ where absolutely everything has gone a bit nuts.

For starters, I received an email from EMI asking me to make some changes to the site; nothing major, but a little bit soul-destroying when you’re doing something for love rather than profit. Hey-ho.

This was followed by severe flu, my computer dying, making most of my related files inaccessible (I’m not quite ‘cloud-friendly’ yet). And then finally, and this was a bit better, I found out I was going to be a Dad for the first time.

So, as you can imagine, I’ve not quite been in the place I’d like to be in relation to the blog of late.

I can only offer my apologies and assure you that these difficulties will be rectified as soon as possible, and I’ll return with NOW 11.

Meanwhile, here is some music…

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